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Students, young professionals, in-betweens – anyone can apply to be accepted in our open space if he or she is creating a project in digital media.

It’s your dream to create  a digital media project – but you have no concrete idea or team – join us anyway, meet Like-minded people and possible future team-members. You can apply to your open space year round at any time.


There are of course desks and meeting-facilities at our lab, conveniently located right by the Ostbahnhof München. Our close by neighbours are the WERK1 München and the teaching-TV and -radio station afk tv, M94,5.

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From complex storytelling to simple photo-editing: Media Lab Bayern offers access to software and IT-infrastructure. New tools and hardware are always available also for experiments.

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Together with our partners the teaching channels Afk we offer professional camera and recording equipment. There is also a studio for post-production, video- or audio editing.

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We offer input by professional mentors in order to foster and develop your project.

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Innovation needs a network – there are regular events, meet-ups and hackathons at the Media Lab. This way you can meet people with the same mindset or find the team for you next project.

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Currently at the Open Space

piqd – experts give you a curated daily choice of the most relevant online articles and posts. Every expert will not post more than once a day. The idea: Read less, understand more.

enziano – a market place for digital climbing, free-riding, cross-skiing or mountainbiking – tours and -guides users can cross-read and choose between individual tours or packages.

bavaradio – an online radio station all in Bavarian dialect, which promotes Bavarian writers and musicians.

Spreadmix – a personal, interactive live-radio, streaming DJs practising from their homes to the users homes

Snäckable – Snäckable – A social media agency offering live-broadcasting from events with editorial content.

Voice of Mother India – An interface which takes you through the lives of Indian women.

Front Ender News – a site publishing content on front-end developing. Robots do most of the writing here.


instantley – An online messenger making the sharing of content much easier by uniting several messengers in one app.

Opproad – helps companies set up branches in china, southeast asia or India. Opproad helps users find a network, a market and market-access.

thefaceoff – A weekly ice-hockey broadcast and show, hosted on youtube. Close to the fan, close to the action and with high-end journalistic quality.


Als Mitglied im Open Space kannst du dich mit Andern Talents vernetzen und dir neue Teammitglieder suchen.

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