Turn your Idea into a Media Startup!
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FAQ – Media Startup Fellowship

Do I have to be in Munich to take part in the program?

Yes, the fellowship is a full-time in­-office program; you are looking at a very intense phase of building your product. We have offices, meeting­ and seminar­-rooms, there are weekly coaching­appointments, meetings with your mentors and creative workshops. Also: exchange with the other teams in our incubator is crucial. Unfortunately we do not offer accommodation and finding an apartment here in Munich is no easy task, but finding a room is feasible even here.

Do you take equity?


Is there a grant involved?

Each team will be granted a 10.000 Euro prototyping budget. Whether you want to spend that on a trip to Las Vegas or the development of parts. We trust you to make the right choice on how to spend it.

How do you define „Media Startup“?

It is the final goal of any media start­up to provide information to its users; this can happen as content or via technical solutions which transport existing content. Platforms, SaaS­Models or special-interest content­ – all that matters is that providing information is at the heart of the company.

How much time will I need?

The Media Start­up Fellowship is a fulltime program of four month. You will work on your product and receive a prototyping budget. Once a week there will be coaching appointments and in between meetings with your mentors or workshops. Also you will get to present your project at conferences and events – so it is really a fulltime effort. However if one or two members of your team only can do part-time it will work too. As long as you function as a team and can make it to the mandatory meetings.

How many team-­members do we need?

Your team should work for your product. If you are making software your team should obviously have coders, if you are producing content you need storytellers. During the four month of the fellowship the focus will be on prototyping so you have to be able to turn input into your product. If you still need some team­members in order to do that our Media Entrepreneurship Program is the right choice for you.

How far does our idea have to be?

If you haven’t validated your idea – if you haven’t interviewed one hundred potential clients and they haven’t all answered „yes“ to the question, whether or not they want your product – our Media Entrepreneurship Program is probably the better fit for you. If you have all the user feedback you need, you are ready to apply for our fellowship, you can also have a prototype ready. Our coaches help you with design and prototyping which will turn your prototype into a minimum viable product.