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FAQ – Media Entrepreneurship Program

When will I know if I made it in?

We will choose the final participants in September 2016 so you will know within the first two weeks of September. The kickoff­weekend will take place at the beginning of October 2016.

Who owns my idea?

You or you and your team. We take no equity or claim any right to your intellectual property.

Do I have to be in Munich?

The Media Entrepreneurship Program should not only enable you to develop your idea but also should help you find your dream team which, all love for digital things aside, happens best in person. There will be a kick­off weekend and afterwards one mandatory night a week. So basically you can join us whether you are from anywhere in the world or from Maxvorstadt, unfortunately though we have no dorms or accommodation.

Only ten hours a week, really ?

Well, a minimum of ten hours. Feel free to spend more time with the project – the more you invest, the better you will be. There will be a weekly evening session with the othersin your class and the coaches, in which you will learn some crucial methods and are able to ask questions. The rest of the time will be spent interviewing potential users, strategically developing your project and exchange with your team members.

We are already a team, can we apply together?

You know each other but you are still looking for the perfect idea? Great – ideally you are open for new team­members, since you never know whose expertise you will need for your product. Please apply individually but let us know who is a member of your team.

I really do not need an idea?

No. Of course it is great if there is a general area that you love in particular – such as Bots, Social Media or Machine Learning or Design for Small Screens. But a crystal clear vision or validated project idea is not mandatory – that’s what we will work on during the program.

You already have an idea or even a prototype ready, but you aren’t sure whether or not people are really interested in your product? Great! That’s also something we will work on.

Do I have to pay for the programme or do I get paid?

No and no. The Media Entrepreneurship Program is an educational training completely free of charge. We offer a weekly mentoring session and of course our coaches and mentors will be available to you. However we do not offer a grant of scholarship money of any kind, since the programme is part­time (10 hours a week) you will still have some time left to work in a paid job.